Community Practises


This Business Academy course has been structured in a way that is collaborative, experiential, and reflective.

Why? Well, actually because the best way to grow (and lead) is often doing it alongside others so that we have the opportunity to make mistakes, disagree (respectfully, of course), be challenged in our thinking, and use our collective mental capabilities to problem solve.

Janine often calls out that the key ingredients of a capable entrepreneur are resilience and problem solving. And that is the atmosphere we want to create in this course — courage for you to give it a go, go out on a ledge (when it’s safe to fail, of course), solve problems, and put into practice some of the lessons she will teach us.

Healthy collaboration means we all need to be on the same page, and that we all commit to communicate with kindness.

Here’s a few ground rules to get us on the same page, and please take the time to individualize these to your Collaboration Groups as you journey through the course:

We are here to:

  • Share: We want to learn from each other, see things from different points of view, and be stretched in our thinking/action.

  • Question: There’s no question that’s not helpful. If you were thinking it, chances are someone else was too. Questions help us test knowledge and practice, get to the root cause, and refine our approach.

  • Ideate: We’re here to test the bounds of business, so let’s bring ideas and test them out.

  • Participate: Introvert, ambivert, or extravert, let’s open the floor for everyone to contribute. Collective learning is going to be best when we all contribute.

  • Encourage: Dish out some encouragement to your collaboration groups when it’s deserved to help us all build up the courage to try something new in our business.

  • Healthily challenge: Sometimes we need someone to challenge a mindset, limitation we’ve placed on ourselves, or call out a problem we can’t see. Some of the best and highest-performing people do this really well, and they do it with kindness and safety (so it doesn’t feel like a personal attack).

We are not here to:

  • Attack: We’re not up for personal attacks if we don’t agree or like someone. There will be some people we gel with, and others we may never truly ‘get.’ That’s okay, we’re all adults, and name-calling/shaming will not fly around here.

  • Break trust: We may share information about our businesses, and that’s in confidence for the purpose of learning. If you learn something about someone’s business that may be an advantage to your business, please be integrous and don’t maliciously use it for your own purposes.

  • Push our business agenda on others: Sharing is great, pushing your business agenda on others is another thing. You may find your future business partner or another business you want to network with here. That’s great. But please don’t push your agenda on someone if they are not up for it.