Transform Your Business in Just 4 Days or 4 Weeks.

Accelerate Your Business’s Growth with Access to the Necessary Tools, Expertise, and Support


Learn by Doing and See Results in Real-Time

Running a business shouldn’t be complicated.
Learn from Janine Allis and get coaching from Business Analysis Experts

Learn by Doing and See Results in Real-Time

Running a business shouldn’t be complicated.
Learn from Janine Allis and get coaching from the Business Academy team. 

All the lessons and things I got wrong over the years are in this course to help you become the best business person you can be.

This is not a passive course - Get ready to work and see the results

The Business Academy is not your typical learning platform. We bring together the top experts in their respective fields to teach and coach a small group of individuals in an interactive, engaging, and practical environment. It’s for:



29th Aug – Sep 1st

9:30am – 2:30pm


Join daily live video calls with content from Janine and the team.


Learn from the Janine and The Business Academy Coaches. Dive deeply into a variety of topics in groups limited to 10 participants each.


Workshop your business with interactive worksheets designed for real-time implementation in your business, guided by our experts. Edit them digitally or print them and work on your business in realtime


3 weekly calls: Tuesday,

Thursday, Saturday

9:30 am – 2:30 pm


3 live Zoom meetings each week for discussion, collaboration, and connection


Learn from the Janine and The Business Academy Coaches. Dive deeply into a variety of topics in groups limited to 10 participants each


The Hub is our private social network for posting work from all industries and backgrounds. It's where you'll share your progress, ask questions, and celebrate your fellow business owners.

By popular demand, our next cohorts are:

4-Day Cohort: February 20th – 23rd, 2024

4-Week Cohort: February 27th – March 26th, 2024


Applications now open. 

4 Day Workshop dates: February 20th – 23rd 2024

4 Week Workshop Workshop dates: 3x session a week – Tuesday (6-9pm), Thursday (6-9pm), Saturday (9am-12pm – self directed)
Feb 27th – March 26th for 4 weeks

*Subject to change with Beta Cohort


The Business Academy consists of different activities will focus on a specific topic that is critical to leaders no matter their industry or business size. The activities will allow students to work on their real-life scenarios and move them forward.

The outcome of the 4 day or 4 week groups is that students develop a new mindsets, can understand their businesses and themselves to better manage a team, grow a business, make a critical shifts to lead your business.

Learning Group Meetings

We divide students into cohorts and learning groups.

For the 4 day course, we’ll be live on Zoom with Janine and content delivered ot hte group and then work together more intimately with smaller groups facilitate by our coaches. You’ll dive into activities where you’ll apply the learning to your business and discuss within your small group.

For the 4 week course, a cohort is a group of 15-25 students working together live on Zoom.

A self-led learning group is a smaller group made up of 3-5 students who work together more intimately on the week’s activities, all from the same cohort. During learning group meetings, students will dive into an activity, complete an action, and discuss how each activity relates to their real-world goals.

The more students contribute and learn from these groups, the more they will get out of The Business Academy.

We’re based in the AEST/AEDT (Sydney) time zone, for the:

  • 4 day cohort – 9:30am – 2:30pm each day. 
  • 4 week cohort – 3 weekly calls – Tuesday 6-9pm, Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday (both coach facilitated larger group and self-led small groups)



4 day cohort

After each video content is delivered on Zoom, you’ll be required to work through an editable PDF to complete your work and share with the group.

4 day cohort

After each learning group meeting, students are required to submit their work in writing to HUB (student portal). What they submit will differ based on the activity itself.

Students will then read each other’s work and give feedback to their classmates. Reading someone’s point of view, understanding their assertions, and contributing insightful commentary are essential skills necessary to learning the core lessons built into The Business Academy.

The written component to The Business Academy is important because it encourages students to slow down, articulate, be thoughtful, and reflect.


Each cohort has dedicated coaches. Depending on the size, we’ll aim for 1 coach to every 10 students.

The purpose of the coaches is not to facilitate learning group meetings or give students the answers.

A coach from The Business Academy provokes students to reach for their business goals and to keep promises. They guide students to focus on their strengths, rather than directly advising. They enable students to grow and hold them accountable along the way.

A coach from The Business Academy connects students with one another, instead of jumping in to fix or solve a problem for them.

A coach from The Business Academy is an instigator, a moderator, a steady voice in The Business Academy journey.

*Subject to change with Beta Cohort

You will learn how to:

  • Build a winning team
  • Practice effective leadership
  • Set your team up for success
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Understand customer needs
  • Develop your brand
  • Implement marketing and promotions
  • Coach for high performance
  • Learn from failure and feedback
  • Achieve work-life balance

Common reasons for students to participant the Business Academy:

  • Start or grow a business
  • Launch a product
  • Personal learning and development 
  • Improve current leadership and management skills


It for people who are hungry to do more, gain skills that will help them be successful business owners and leaders, gain clarity for what the next step forward is

*Subject to change with Beta Cohort

4 Day Cohort
Duration: 4 days
Hourly commitment: 20 hours

4 Week Cohort
Duration: 31 days
Hourly commitment: 15 hours per week (including live calls)

At The Business Academy, we understand that achieving success doesn’t happen in isolation. Just like top athletes rely on their coaches for guidance and support, business experts also attribute part of their success to the mentors and coaches who have helped them along the way. We believe that everyone can benefit from having a coach.

According to Gallup, a coach is defined as someone who invests in and engages with individuals, partnerships, or teams to stimulate, motivate, and facilitate growth, development, and performance. Your coach at The Business Academy fulfils this role by creating a nurturing environment where you can reflect, debrief, ask questions, and continue your learning journey.

Your coach will provide valuable feedback on your contributions, helping you refine your skills and progress further. They will be available for individual conversations, offering personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, your coach will direct you to additional resources, ensuring you have access to a wealth of knowledge and tools to support your growth.

At The Business Academy, we believe that having a dedicated coach by your side will enhance your learning experience and empower you to reach new heights. Together, we’ll pave the path to your success.

The current price stands at around $3000, but for our initial beta group, we’re offering it at $995, with a limited number of spots available.

Join our first beta cohort for only $995. Strictly 20 spots only.


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