The Blueprint For Success

A practical action plan for how to
start or scale your business

Business doesn’t have to be complicated

In this course, Janine Allis share’s her own frameworks and experiences that make growing your business straightforward and effective.

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Is The Business Academy for me?

No matter the stage of your business from start up’s to matured, The Business Academy is sure to meet your needs with our modules that cover everything including setting strong foundations through to accelerating growth. 

Who this course is not for:

Business owners and entrepreneurs that don’t want to build strong foundations.

Business owners that don’t want to learn how to grow and scale their business.

Entrepreneurs who don’t want to learn the frameworks that Janine used to build her successful businesses.

Who this course is for:

Starting a new business​

Get the guidance and resources you need to launch your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Growing business

Accelerate your growth and scale your operations by tapping into our expert insights, experiences and strategies.

Mature business

Secure your legacy and ensure lasting success with our proven roadmap and sustainability insights.

Seeking new ideas

Stay ahead of the curve and inspired by new ideas, possibilities and collaborations.

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What you will learn

Delve into advanced strategies to boost your business’s growth at any stage.

  • Sustainable expansion: Learn the essentials of long-term business expansion and success.
  • Market trend capitalisation: Uncover how to identify and leverage emerging market trends for your business advantage.
  • Leave the course with an action plan that’s tailored specifically to your business objectives.
  • Implementation Guidance: Get expert guidance on making impactful changes for immediate improvement.
  • Knowledge Application: Understand how to effectively apply the course for sustained progress in your business and personal life.
  • Talent Sourcing and Nurturing: Learn techniques for identifying and developing talent that resonates with your business vision.
  • Attracting Top Talent: Discover strategies to bring the best professionals into your team.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: Enhance your skills in leadership to build a culture of growth and continuous learning in your organisation.
  • Mindset Shift: Learn how to shift your thinking patterns to foster a mindset primed for success.
  • Innovation Mastery: Understand the power of innovative thinking in transforming your business.

Creative Problem Solving: Gain practical skills in creative problem-solving to navigate business challenges and capitalize on new opportunities

  • Walk away with a detailed 6-12 month master plan for business growth. 
  • This practical, step-by-step plan is ready to be put into action, giving you the tools and confidence to immediately apply what you’ve learned to grow your business
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Module 1:

Getting your business foundations strong
  • Business planning for success.
  • Customer-centric thinking.
  • Foundation building.
Module 2:

Setting your people up for success
  • Team evaluation.
  • Leadership insights.
  • Motivation mastery.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Strengths and attitudes.
  • Culture development.
Module 3:
Reaching your customers
  • Understanding your customer.
  • Building your brand.
  • Marketing and public relations.
  • Delivering on your promises.
Module 4:

Build Your Blueprint For Success

Build your blueprint with Janine and the team that will set your business up for the next 6-12 months.
This is the approach Janine uses currently in her own businesses.

Time Commitment

The course kicks off daily at 9:30am

and wraps at 2:30pm. 




Session 1

Coaching | Learning
Coaching | Learning

Session 2

Q&A with Janine Allis


Meet your Coaches

Founder of Boost Juice

Co-founder of The Business Academy, Founder of KYU Media and Social Kung Fu

MBA Business Leadership

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How to join the academy:

In this course, Janine Allis share’s her own frameworks and experiences that make growing your business straightforward and effective


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You will be sent an onboarding form to complete that will give us deeper insight into you and your business as well as your desired outcomes from the course.


Grow your business:

With your tailored blueprint for success and coaching from our team, you can build a thriving business.